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" have been a wonderful supporter and friend through this process. I greatly thank for that." - Buyer
Welcome to Garland McPherson & Associates ....

Garland McPherson & Associates is an investment banking firm serving middle market and financial services companies. With offices in the metropolitan Baltimore area, GM&A provides a broad range of services including mergers and acquisitions, business valuations and management advisory services.

We provide vital guidance and connections for the middle market company and trusted advisory services to the financial services industry.


In the life of every organization, there are financial and corporate events of great importance, like mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning and governance. For many companies, these events occur so seldom that owners, managers and board members often lack the experience and resources needed to achieve the best possible results.

GM&A solves this problem by providing a combination of talents that no company should be without when facing these challenges. As a boutique investment banking firm, we offer the personal attention and in depth experience necessary to achieve maximum results.

As a consulting firm, we provide industry specific services ranging from daily operations to strategic planning, especially the financial services industry.

Our Promise:
The projects we handle for clients are vital. Therefore, our commitment to timely, effective performance is absolute. The nature of our work gives us access to a great deal of sensitive information. We guarantee that all matters relating to a client's business or plans will be held in the strictest confidence.

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